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Meatbyte is committed to serve businesses who want to serve best meat to their customer or an individual who loves to cook meat for friends and family

We Deliver Fresh Meat

 We are currently working in the field of growing fresh chicken, Prawns, fish in and across Haryana. We are right catering to markets of Gurgaon and Delhi , however we are committed to expand our business across India with in next few months. We are team of experience farmers, university professors; engineers, Industry experts who help us improve our production and quality of our livestock consistently. We strive to provide the best meat to all our B2B customers. We right now grow our livestock in around 100 acres of land where we have freshwater natural ponds and manmade waterholes for Fishes, high tech facility for poultry farming and fresh and Brackish water ponds for prawns. Currently we have capability of producing 10 lacks fishes, 20 lakhs of chickens and 80 tons of prawn per year. We are right now associated with 100's of happy B2B customers, who are regularly buying our products directly from the farm.


We are striving to challenge the traditional Mandi system to remove some of the middlemen from the value chain. We promise to deliver processed products to the vendor's location to avoid any delay, early wake up and any transportation charges for them. This will help in terms of getting fresh and affordable produce to the end consumer.

Creating opportunities for everyone

We are the first platform enabling increased benefits for Meat Producer farmers, retailers, and consumers.
Benefits for farmers
  • 20% more revenue
  • One-stop-sale
  • Payment in 24 hours
  • Transparent weighing
Convenience for retailers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Doorstep delivery
  • High quality graded produce
  • Convenient & time saving
Savings for consumers
  • Hygienically handled produce
  • 100% traceable to farm -
    Improves food safety
  • Better quality
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